You must apply for an accreditation card if you would like to enter the event as the official participant such as competitor, coach, team leader, etc.

You can apply accreditation for nation and club events separately. Each accreditation corresponds to a pass that allows participation in the races. The one who is in possession of a “club pass” only, is not able to participate in the nation races and vice versa. To be able to participate in both types of races (clubs and nations) you must have both types of passes.

Accreditation fee per person per one type of races (nations or clubs):

50 € — for senior athletes
30 € — for junior athletes
20 € — for all other members of a team (per person): coaches, staff members, functionaries, who benefit of all the services, without use of the boat

Accreditation fee includes:
— access and common use of the venue and its facilities,
— security services at the course,
— medical /First Aid services at the course,
— access pass
— miscellaneous services (including but not limited to water — 1 litre per person per day, internet, etc.)

The Accreditation Fee will not be charged to the ECA Officers (including ECA Jury, Technical Officials, ECA Sponsors and Suppliers, Board of Directors, ECA Headquarters Staff), NF Presidents and Secretary Generals, not part of the NF team management.

Accreditation Form